Amalgam removal


Here you will find a list (below) on how to safely remove amalgam from your body. This needs to be done first, before attempting to cure anything else!.



Watch these tv-broadcast.  It has been devided up into 4 parts. These videos will help you to understand what has happened, what their "policy is" and why this stuff is stil being used.

My thanks go out to:

- Henny Solleveld, 

- TROS and VPRO 

who allowed me to show these tv-broadcast over here!


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

The fax messages of the NMT, which you can see in the VPRO broadcast.
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Watch this movie about the release of mercury from your amalgam tooth fillings:

From David Kennedy, DDS




This is the website of the Dutch "Amalgam Free Foundation"

Here you can find a lot of resources to what you need for amalgam removal and much more background information.

Step 2

Examination of the "physical body state" by a practitioner in this field . Investigation the REAL causes of your body disfunctions and allow them to support you in your amalgam removal process


Take a look at this website for a list of Complaints, Symptoms url:


Refuel yourself in the area of essential minerals and vitamines by means of suppletion . Even provide a little more , to allow the body , the brain , the muscles and organs to regain energy and strenght and upgrade the levels of neccessary essential food , mineral and vitamine ingredients.

This allows your body to function in a normal way , as a good basis for the dexotifiation process to come.


For example at Britta Jansen with her practice for progressive medicine and Prognos diagnosis & therapy .
¨Without her I could not have completed my journey .....¨

Scheldestraat 102-I 

1078GP Amsterdam 

(0031)20- 6760335 


or any other person who feels right and capable enough for you .


20 years ago I contacted the Dutch foundation "Amalgaam Vrij Nederland" with an explanation and support question for my first step . I was then referred to Britta Jansen .

Step 3

Contact a BIOLOGICAL DENTIST (not a regular one) and make an appoinment to let her,him remove your amalgam toothfillings. 

This should (only) be done by the usage of the following (dental) tools:

- KOFFERDAM (this is a rubber device that is put around the tooth or molar, in order to prevent the mercury and heavy metal residues, to not entering your mouth)

- EXTRA AIR_SUCTION for the toxic vapours and heavy metal residues.

- SLOW ROTATING DENTIST DRILL, which does not heat up the tooth fillings temperature.

- DETOXIFICATION - You can start with it before the dental amalgam removal process, and continue it afterward. 

This will help to transport the Mercury residues out of your body.

- Let the dentist replace the mercury fillings by another - non toxic - substance.


A list of dentists (NL, Belgium, Germany) can be found here:


- Dentist Adresses -


- NVBT -  


For your own information!

Each tooth filling is leaking 300 times more Mercury and other "heavy metals" poisens, that is "allowed" by regulators as being toxic in food of air. 


These poisens enter your body on a daily basis!!

Mercury does not leave your body "automatically"!!. Mercury only attaches itself to detoxification-medicine.  That way you will able to pee the mercury outof your body again.


After your mercury tooth fillings have been replace, you will need to continue "detoxification products", diet and e.g Guasha treatment. 


This allows this shit to leave your body as good as possible can be achieved.....






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