"East meets West".

This SITE about Guasha can provide you with a lot of information about treatments, diets and more. This websites also tells you, what and how you can apply it of therapy of yourself.


Guasha means: Scraping

Guasha finds it origins in "ancient prehistoric times" and is still practices by many native cultures. The techniques used in Guasha have found their way into the mainstream within the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Healing.


During a Guasha treatment, special oil is being applied on a certain area of the skin. After applying the oil on the skin, a Guasha practitioner starts scraping that spot with a scraper. This scraper is a special design instrument, made of jade, metal of horn. After the scraping process, the treaded skin soon turn red.


The amazing effect is that, on locations where "disfunctions" are burried deep under the skin, bloodcolored spots start to appear under the skins surface.  These spots can be compared with bruises.


The patient will like this treatment, because the scarping process on the "oiled skins" hardly produces any pain during treatment and afterwards. The bloodcolored spots wil disappear completly within 3 to 7 days.


Guasha's spectacular results are achieved by simultanious stimulation of the upper skin, subcutaneous skin,connective tissue, the bloodvessels, the lymphatic system, the bone membrane, the muscles, the meridians, the brain and the immumesystem. By stimulating all those organs in the same time, the body is revitalised and cleaned, in a holistic way.


Guasha balances body functions and internal organs, via stimulation through the skin, subcutaneous tissue, nervous system and spinal cord. 

It cleanses the connecting tissue and helps it to release a lot of internal body waste substances. Guasha forces the blood through the vasculair border into the connective tissue, triggering a immume-system reaction.


"Eigenblut" Therapy

The insertion of your own blood into your own body tissue is also known in the West. In Germany, two of these techniques have been developed which are also know als "Eigenblut therapy". During this "Eigenblut therapy" ("Ownblood" therapy)  and the "petechiale Saugmassage", a vacume-machine is being used to literally suck blood into capillaries located into the subcutaneaous tissue.


Guasha also supports the lymphatic system in transporting and filtering body waste. Guasha stimulates, via the bone membrane - the inner skin of your bones - the reflexology zones in an effective way.  Guasha also balances the bodies own "energy household system" the meridians, which is often used used in Traditional Chinese Medice practice.


Guasha includes:

- Ordinary physical masage

- Connecting tissue massage

- Reflexology treatments

- Acupunture 

- Moxa

- Lymphe node drainage

- Relaxation massage

- Oxygen therapy

- Detoxification

- Immume-system stimulation treatment

This is done all during a simple "scraping treatment"!


The list of illnesses - which can be treated by Guasha - is impressive:

- From simple revitalisation techniques to rheumatism.

- From migraine to Menieres disease, 

- Chronic fatique syndrome (ME)

- Allergies, 

- food intolerance, 

- candida, 

- PMS, 

- all kinds of "pain syndromes",

- (lower) backpains, 

- neck syndromes, 

- ischias, 

- disruptions of the digestive system, 

- asthma, 

- digestive system illnesses, 

- angina pectoris, 

- high bloodpressure, 

- immumo-defense disfunctions 

and many more. 

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