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Britta Jansen and her "progressive healing practice"

"Without Britta's help, I could not have continued my journey"

Scheldestraat 102-I 

1078GP Amsterdam 

Phone: 0031-20-6760335 


A person who practices jawphysiotherapy. Henny also performs "disturb field" diagnoses. He has a large and active knowledge in these fields. He also has many contacts in and outside the Netherlands.


Henny's treatment foccusses on jaw - , jawjoint - and teething deviations in relation to the movement function, organ and organsystems (like rheumatodies, orthopedic and neurologic illnesses)

Henny is able to help most clients. When necessay he refers to regular hospitals and dentists in Germany and Belgium. Due to the number of Henny connectionss, he is able to do a lot for you. 


Henny's website provides a lot information. (Henny is kind of a healthmanager)

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Vita Producten

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Supplies you with products that can help cleaning your colons and other internal organs. You wil find explanations and brigth information on this website. This can be very helpfull, since many health problems find their origins in a disrupted colon functionality.






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Ramon Kisoor

42 jaar


Het binnenste oog...

de Romeinen werden ook “gek” van hun zware metaal vergiftiging, loden waterleiding stelsel en dergelijk

Multiple Sclerose

Veel onderzoeken gehad waarna men mij vertelde dat ik Multiple Sclerose heb.....