Ramon Kisoor life's story

This story tells the road i have traveled regarding to my amalgam poisoning.


When did i first notice it was mercury poisoning?

I was watching a tv-broadcast on a foreign tv station (WDR) from Germany, when  I started to understand the reason why have become sick. In this tv-broadcast a story was told that amalgam producting factories started to close down, because they feared healthdamage claims by their customers.


Then I started on my own search to the symptoms which could be caused by amalgam. I noticed that on that symptome list, a lot of symptomes that i already had in my body. If you want to check it out for yourself, klik this link below

What is Amalgam?

Amalgam is a mixture of a lot of "heavy metals" with other toxic substances. This mixture is used in the dental industry, to fill the gaps in rotten teeth and molars. 


Amalgam is composed of 50% Mercury, which is mixed with a powdermixture of Silver, Tin, Copper and Zinc. Mercury is the most poisonous part of this heavy metal cocktail, unless you are allergic to one of its other components.


For your information:

History repeats itself... The ancient Romans also went "nuts" due to their "heavy metals poisoning" via lead water pipe-system.  Also their nickel and tin forks and knifes, plates contributed to their "heavy metals poisoning".


Mercury particles, floating in the air like a vapour, are considered the second most toxic substance on this planet after plutonuim.


When mercury is found in the soil is considered the most toxic substance.... But mercury in your mouth ... is that safe then??


Knowing this, i deciced that i wanted a dentist to remove my amalgam fillings. This was first done by a "regular dentist". Everything was removed in one treatment, with the usages of a highspeed dentist-drill, no cofferdam, no dexoting, no extra mercury vapour suction.


Result: Mecury and other "heavy metals" entered my mouth and mucous membrames. Due to usage of a highspeed dentist-drill, the filling temparature rose, causing the "heavy metals vapour" (mercury) to spread throughout my entire body and even entered parts of my brain.


Three months later i was hospitalized, medicated with prednison, because my physical body could not take anymore. The prednison was given to me, to shut down/ lower the activity of my overactive immumesystem.


The immune system tried to get rid of the mercury, unfortunately the immune system is not able to do this independently and that is why I was so very sick and tired.

The only thing my immume system could and did was encapsulating the mercury and the other heavy metals, and simultaniously damaging the surroundig tissues in the process.

This happened throughout my entire body and parts of my brain!


Simple stated: I had multiple inflammations spread throughout my body.


I have had many investigations and diagnoses before the doctors to reach their final conclusion: Multiple Sclerosis!


=>Read "Multiple Sclerosis" = Many Inflammations locations <=


The Multiple Sclerose syndrome (or the symptoms that are called like this, due to mercury - amalgam poisoning) .... must have been present, since my birth!


Mercury from the mothers amalgam, travels through the placenta-wall and enters the unborn babies body.


This has been medically proven in Germany.


Throughout my entire life, i have had all kinds of "weird", "unexplainable" health problems, and this 'can' be called Multiple Sclerosis...


Click this link to see the possible symptoms caused by mercury poisoning:





The official diagnose is that "the cause is unknown and cannot be found"...

My disease started to get worse... but is totaly logical when the 'cause' of the illness is not treated/removed... right ;-)


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de Romeinen werden ook “gek” van hun zware metaal vergiftiging, loden waterleiding stelsel en dergelijk

Multiple Sclerose

Veel onderzoeken gehad waarna men mij vertelde dat ik Multiple Sclerose heb.....