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Actions/ behaviour/Convictions/ How it looks like and how can I change...


The only blockade I had in my life was me!  My  ignorance about myself, ignorance about my convictions and behaviour. 

Essence trainings, which I like very much, educated me and provided me with the tools in how I can handle all situations in life and much more..

 I followed their trainings in 2003-2004. These trainings enabled me to become fully aware of my "educated thinking patterns" and behaviour, recognize it, deal with it and become a true master of them.


The essence trainings are experience-based. Experienced based training is like learning to ride a bycycle. You learn along the way and improve your skills all the time and you will never forget in your entire life!


Take a look at the website and/or join an information evening?


The trainings enables me to transform from a "thinking victom" (with all consequences of the "too much thinking process" like ... illnesses, depressions) into a person who is able to make his own decisions wether I want something of I do not want something.


The road i've traveled in 2003-2004 was this one:

- The basic training called "the essence"

- The Source

- The Symphony - dialogica

- The Beyond Doubt" training (my "saviour" and favourite one... )


When reading Beyond doubt  ... read "life past doubting ".

I now chose from myself what fits me, and what not. I am open to support/ feedback. The Essence training institute has much in-house knowledge.




Update 2009

I now live in a complete - yet unknown reality - that is called life!

I have solved the part of my life called "sickness" and suddenly I find myself - after 40 years - in the middle of relationships (also in my private life).


Fully unknown / Fun /Exiting / unfamiliar/scary. I am ALIVE!

 I run into "inner conflicts"  with myself and "outer conflicts" with other persons, which were unfamiliar to me and I did not know how to handle them


So what was the next step?

After fooling around for a while, I started to react on the feedback of the persons who really loved me. I also did the 3 day MOB (Make of Break) training at the Essence training Institute (making relationships work)


Results? Absurd!

 I understand myself better now. I see the cause of the conflicts with other person and myself. In 3 days I have learned how to handle conflicts, how I can solve conflicts. 

  • I now know how to prevent conflicts before they arise. 
  • I do not need any more agression/struggle/ battles in my relationships. 
  • I am aware of how to remove "the poisonous sting" from my own anger and still remain loyal to my own values. 
  • Other people are now better able to understand me. 
  • I have learned to say "no!" so I can stay loyal to my own - inner - values. 
  • I have learned to listen to other persons. Suddenly I am not afraid anymore of kids..... a wish for a child of my own? 



In 3 days I have learned how I can make relationships work better (even the relationship with myself). Now you know that this exists..... I wish I had discovered this 35 years earlier.. but hey...! 

Real life really starts after fourty right?






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