Ramon Kisoor's Life story (part 2)

Knowing this diagnose "Multiple Sclerosis", I was determined to find a solution and to see what I could do after this diagnose, for further treatment.


I reviewed my medical record with others and suddenly we realized what could be the real cause of my health problems!


Searched and found a way within the Netherlands with that policy and abroad, to treat and remove that cause , as far as that still goes...


What have I done?

I have detoxified my body (still busy after 20 years..). I have adapted my life pattern, changed my diet and eating habits. Refueled the shortages in my body in the area of vitamines, oils every day, using assisting materials.


Have learned to live with it and to cope with everything on my path, instead of fighting against it and "not allow myself to be dominated by this disease".


It was a constant search to find new ways, new practitioners, new suppliers, within the Dutch "healthcare policies rules and regulations" system and within the healthcare regulations of foreign countries, to find  new solutions.


Found a whole network of contacts in the proces, from dentists and hospitals to healthcare managers who are able to coach, guide and assist sick people on their road to recovery, therapists, acupuncturists, homepaths, lawyers and so on.


In the end I have come to the conclusion that 40-75% of all disease have almost the same devastating cause or health-burden. Just like the sickness which has almost destroyed my own body.


After this first journey, I needed to continue a second part of my Journey.


Sought and found ways to deal with my psyche, anger, disorders, greef, sadness, insecurity and powerlessness, to recognize its causes and to ACCEPT it.


I was often very confused due to the amalgam in my mouth, the mercury in my body and the vitamine and mineral deficiency caused by it.


The pain, the constant worrying, "mental thought grinding", thinking things over and over (and over), being physically sick and being exhausted to have to find solutions for my problems.. on my very own!


This was very hard for me, especially during the detoxification period.


I recommend everyone who is planning to walk this path too (detoxifcation), please allow yourself to be supported by other people who make you feel safe and secure! People one who you can lean, and trust and are there for you!


Thanks everyone who have assisted me in this long process!


Guasha: a treatment that really works!

After this long journey I could not believe that I have realized on my own powers, on my own inner strenght. Simply because I lost track on my own prestations and how I functioned during this journey. I lost track of myself.


For me everything turned into "being normal" and I did not know any other ways. Now I start to realise that this journey has not been "a normal one", "a simple walk in the park" at all. Nowadays I am learning that there are other ways too, to achive my goals. This is very confusing to me and scarey too.


On the road where I searched for solutions, I came across something that was the missing piece when it was linked to the amalgam problem.


This approach and treatment, together with the knowledge of Dr. Han Stiekema, can treat almost all diseases and is called Guasha.


That way of looking at illness and how to deal with it is unique and so simple to do.


Dr. Stiekema and his partner Mei Mei have bridged the gap between knowing what is thousands of years old in the East and knowing in the West. And turned this into something we can all do.


Very often (depending on the stage of the disease) the problem of almost all diseases can be solved or at least greatly improved !!! 


And no I'm not a doctor or something like that, otherwise I wouldn't have looked any further…

However, I am an aloof experience expert who only reports the facts to you. So that you consciously have choices and do not have to make the same mistakes as I made…


It's up to you what you do or don't do with it :) Perhaps something to look at ????


P1 = regular pharmaceutical medicine/drugs do not cure you at all. 

These drugs only suppress the symptons of the disease. The cause of the disease still keeps existing in your body and all the negative consequences that come with it..... an immune system and physical body that is not able to function normally and "loses it way". ... and the illusion that the disease is realy cured.


P2 = Natures own medicine like homeopathy, work in a different way that P1 medicine

A substance (a) enters the physical body, to which your body reacties in the same way als substance (b) which really makes the body sick. The physical body and the immune-system can not handle, cope with substance (b).


Substance (a) can be handled by the immune-system, because the immune-system is able to break down substance (a) and transports it outof the body again.  During this "breaking down and transporting out of the body" process of substance (a), substance (b) is also being transported out of the body as well. This process enables the immune-system and physical body to heal and prepare itself again.


The immune-system is able to encapsulate substances which she can not deal, remove directly. During this encapsulation process the immune-system itself damages the surrounding tissue and physical body , in the environment of that substance.


As long as these kind of substances (e.g. Mercury) remain inside the physical body, the immune-system keeps fighting against those substances, being “dysfunctional” destroying the body and surrounding tissue. 

This procss results in the so called "chronic incurable illnesses, diseases" 


With all respect, but everything in life is choice right? 

But this can only the case, when someone is AWARE of his choice!.






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Multiple Sclerose

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